Hair Loss Solutions

Millions of men and women experience hair loss problems or alopecia.

It is normal to lose about 50-100 hairs every day. If you see bald patches or lots of thinning, you may be experiencing hair loss.

There are many causes of hair loss. The most common cause is a hereditary hair loss.

Most hair loss is not associated with systemic or internal disease, nor poor diet. Hair may simply thin because of predetermined genetic factors, family history, and the overall aging process. Many men and women may notice a mild and often normal physiologic thinning of hair starting in their thirties and forties. Temporary severe stress, illness, nutritional changes, and hormonal changes like those in pregnancy, puberty, and menopause may cause a reversible hair loss.

Because there are so many types of scalp hair loss, determining the precise cause of hair loss in an individual can be challenging. Anyone troubled by hair loss should see a dermatologist.

Dermatologists specialize in problems of skin, hair, and nails and may provide more advanced diagnosis and treatment of hair thinning and loss. Sometimes a scalp biopsy may be taken to help in diagnosis of severe or unexplained hair loss.

Although many medications list "hair loss" among their potential side effects, most drugs are also not likely to induce hair loss. On the other hand, cancer treatments and immune suppression medications including chemotherapy, hair loss is a very common side effect. Complete hair loss often occurs after a course of major chemotherapy for cancer. Usually, hair regrows after six to 12 months.

Luckily, most causes of hair loss can be stopped or treated.

Our Solution is Histemo from Histolab

Histemo offers complex approach to the hair loss problem. Revolutionary Ultra Scalp Scaling Solution removes dandruff, sebum and impurities, improves itching scalp with refreshing and antimicrobial properties.

Ultra Scalp Care Shampoo is powerful solution for the fine and weak hair that not only prevents hair loss, but also enhances hair growth.

Potent cleansing is important daily care that must be followed by Ultra Growing Solution. Biotechnology based mechanism promotes new hair growth (1st Solution), helps grow healthy hair by enhancing thickness (2nd Solution) and 3rd Solution that keeps healthy and thick hair by nourishing consistently.

Ultra Double Effect Core PGF and Ultra Scalp Care Ampoule are special solutions with growth factors and peptides, which promote hair growth.

First effect of treatment will be noticeable in 12 weeks!


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