Our Values

  • Highest code of conduct standard
  • Complete transparency with common practices
  • Guaranteed highest reputation of brands and companies.
  • Result driven team eager to learn and grow
  • Dedication, respect, loyalty

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exclusive, high quality, stand out, unique products and services for plastic and reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists, cosmetologists, beauty specialists and pharmacist. 

Our Vision

We aim to grow together with our team and our partners to win leading positions in each category.

We value every single individual as much as team effort that contributes to value creation of our companies and brands.

A Few Words About Us

Prosotu stands for Professional Solutions to you. It‘s not only in the name - it is in our bones and flesh, it is our philosophy of life and way of doing business. Our experience - 15 years in pharmaceutical industry. Since 2011 we are an Aesthetic Medicine company. Prosotu Ltd. is a full service Regulatory, Distribution and Marketing company in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Belarus.

Our focus is Aesthetic Medicine and we are very proud to offer to the clinics and professional practices most advanced products and services on the market. We manage pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmeceuticals, skin care and more.